Minority Ethnic Groups in Phong Nha National Park

Minority Ethnic Groups in Phong Nha National Park
Minority Ethnic Groups in Phong Nha National Park

Bru – Vankieu minority ethnic group

Bru-Vankieu  is the largest population of the minority ethnic groups m in the Truong Son North range. As Nguyen Dinh Khoa (Minority Ethnics in the North of Viet Nam), the Bru -Vankieu belongs to Mon – Kho – Me language group, is local group in the Indochinese Peninsula. As author, The Bru -Vankieu includes the group of the people:  Van kieu, Khua, Mang Coong, Tri.

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Bru - Vankieu minority
Bru – Vankieu minority

So. Among the groups, the Vankieu people  is the largest one that distributes most of all provinces along the Truong Son mountain range. The Tri people (or called Tia Ri, Cha Ly, Trui…) and Ma Coong (hay Mang-coong, Muong-kong) with  a little distributio in Thuong Trach Commune, Tan Trach commune (Bo Trach district ) and apart in Laos. The Khua people is resident  in Dan Hoa Commune of Minh Hoa district.

Chut – minority ethnic group

Chut ethnic group
Chut ethnic group

The Chut group includes Sach, May, Ruc, Arem, Ma Lieng with population of 3.500 heads who are resident mainly in 9 communes of 2 districts Tuyen Hoa and Minh Hoa. In Phong Nha – Ke Bang area, Chut people are living at 6 villages of 2 districts Minh Hoa and Bo Trach except Ma Lieng people with a population of 2.438 inhabitants. In the years 60 of Century 20, the Chut was considered as the secluded group . Until the end of 1973, the peoples of Sach, May, Ruc, Arem, Ma Lieng are in the minority ethnic group as called “ the Chut ethnic”. The Arem people belongs to the Chut minority ethnic group who lives at Arem village of Tan Trach commue,  Bo Trach district . This community include 41 households  with about 200 heads, is one of races of the Chut ethnic minority ( Statistic 2005).

As mention of Ha Van Tan and Pham Duc Duong, the ethnic people of the Chut ethnic group (named as Chut Poong) and their languages had been separated from Vietnamese-Muong language with the first language separated in around century V-VI,   “Chut” means ‘Rem Da in Vietnamese”, means “The stone curtain in English”.


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